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This is the first, and only, bottom-wielded, fully-adjustable VR Gun Stock on the market. It is the ultimate solution for every VR shooter.

The front connector tube and the buttstock can be adjusted in height. The angle of the main connection position can be adjusted between 30° - 0° - 10°. 

The buttstock itself can be adjusted in lengt and has a heigth-adjustable cheekpad.

Another feature is the shotgun attachement for the front controller, which lets you use the pump action in game while still being able to aim with the Gun Stock.



The Competition VR Gun Stock includes:

  • 1 Competition VR Gun Stock
  • 1 pair of the chosen controller adapters (controllers not included)*
  • 1 shotgun controller attachement

*if none is chosen for the VR system, you will receive the standalone VR Gun Stock

     All VR gun Stocks have a ring bolt to quickly adjust the belt attachment.


    Product information:

    • Length(min): 73,5cm/28.9inch - Length(max): 79cm/31,1inch
    • Weight: 850g/1,87lbs
    • Back attachment slots: 3

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