Allrounder Mk2 VR Gun Stock

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Our Allrounder Mk2 is the perfect solution for everyone who wants to own a top tier VR Gun Stock which can simulate any weapon.

Key features are the length and height adjustable buttstock.


The Allrounder Stock includes:

  • 1 Allrounder Mk2 VR Gun Stock
  • 1 pair of the chosen controller adapters (controllers not included)*
*if none is chosen for the VR system, you will receive the standalone VR Gun Stock

    Product information:

    • Length(min): 74cm/29,1inch - Length(max): 86cm/33,8inch
    • Weight: 550g/1,2lbs
    • Back attachment slots: 4
    All VR gun Stocks have a ring bolt to quickly adjust the belt attachment.